Second to Last Love EP 3

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 3 Eng sub

1 – Wonderful Woori city. The setting for this drama is really refreshingly pretty. Kim Seul-gi, she’s so infectiously adorable; I squealed with Mi-rae upon seeing her name included in the writing credits. Happy to see the fracas between the embattled neighbours gradually mellowing out although it’s hilarious whenever they’re constantly at each other’s throats. On a different note, it seems like Min-joo’s late fiancé (Eun-ho) was the one who died in the fire accident that always triggers a panic attack in Sang-sik. Producer Han or the recklessly irresponsible one who loves making others as scapegoats for his major blunders is the tie-up since Sang-sik is seen absolutely incensed at his pic.

2 – I know as the program progresses the story will evolve into something greater than what it is now. They have a huge amount of back story still being developed. Still, I find what little they have created as being unimaginative and uninspired. They are so dependent on the scenery and backdrop that I think they have not created a cohesive story. All the characters are a mish mash of mixed up emotions thrown together to create chaos, but not anything resembling real life. Of course this is a drama, and we do expect a certain amount of lunacy, but so far all I get out of this is some serious bad drama and not enough story.

3 – He has a big family new member keeps popping up each time, and they are trouble makers, Mi Joo keeps getting involved with their troubles, but she should learn not to take medication without a prescription, this drama is fun.

4 – the preview is so romantic,shipping Kim Hee Ae with Kwak Si Yang

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