Second to Last Love EP 4

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 4 Eng sub

1 – I was going to write about how stupid it was for the second male lead to make that announcement at the breakfast table and how it completely baffles me how someone would write that in a script, but….. yeah, I still cant get over it. I think that was grossly stupid.
I don’t know if I like the drama yet, I think I need to watch a bit more. I like the male lead, he is pretty funny in a stoic way but everyone else is still too light on the development. The female lead… hmmm.,. I dunno. doesn’t do a thing for me.

2 – I have watched Kim Hee Ae in the melodrama with Yoo Ah In, do action in Mrs Cop 1 and now act in a comedy with Ji Jin Hee. She is one of a few actresses in Korea enjoying popularity and high demand despite her age. Watching her in this drama is a joy. She embodies the successful career woman who calls the shots and yet remains every bit the sexy woman. Second to the Last Love is rom com at its best. There are many laugh out loud moments. In particular, I enjoyed the band concert where Kim Hee Ae and Ji Jin Hee were caught on camera hugging. Consequently, they were chosen to be the couple to dance on the raised dais. She was game, he was clinging to the sides of the cage. These two also did a great comedic scene while they were shooting the breeze while drinking liquor. Their banter was so natural and light hearted, it was so easy to get into their groove. This is a feel good drama that will chase your blues away.

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