Second to Last Love EP 5

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 5 Eng sub

1 – Funny when Kang-PD and two of her staff members were discussing which drama will be bagging home the Daesang. The two responded with their picks, ”Seven Flying Dragons” and ”Yongpil” to which Min-joo responded with ”Mr. Cop”. I thought she looked pretty cool in her skate apparel. It’s so refreshing to witness her gradually experience freedom of spirit. It will be quite interesting when it’s Sang-sik’s turn to rip the cage out of his chest.

2 – cus all of those are actual dramas but the changed the letters or numbers in order not to get in trouble for copyrights sake and Mrs Cop is Min Joo’s drama in which she starred…. its always funny to hear actors say the name of a drama in which they were in playing another character

3 – Well this drama is kind of refreshing for me.. The current mood is all about young loves and in the midst of this, we have this drama. It’s light-hearted and fun and i don’t have to break my head to analyse the plot or characters, but that doesn’t mean that i’m not curious about it.. and ever since Pinnochio and Producers i’ve been interested in dramas that are even slightly related to broadcasting. I really like the adult-feel this drama gives off especially how the characters take responsibilities in their own ways.

4 – I still don’t understand what this drama is about. I am enjoying it I guess, but I could also do without it. Still very lukewarm on the subject. Maybe it’s the once a week episodes that is causing it. I will give it another week, but it is ep 5 and for me to not really grasp the drama and enjoy it is, is a bad sign.

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