Second to Last Love EP 7

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 7 Eng sub

1 – Hahahaha this is so good and funny :’) I never knew Ajumma-Ajusshi dramas were this amazing. And its my mom’s first korean drama. I hope she will like this and lemme watch more korean dramas 😀 Thanks to second to last love!

2 – Don’t let your mom watch it! She’ll get addicted and start watching them like crazy. The next thing you know – you’ll have to iron your own clothes and make your own sandwiches. She might even hit you sometimes. Don’t do it to yourself.

3 – Ugh I’ve got an awful feeling that Min Joo’s boyfriend is the person that Sang Sik failed to save during that long-ago accident, and it’s gonna be the source of tons of angst and conflict JUST WHEN the two of them have acknowledged their feelings for each other. You know, something to drag the show beyond 10 episodes. I really hope they do something more interesting than that, but…

That said, I am glad Sang Sik’s married sister is a lot less irritating and actually quite sweet and understanding in this episode. And I really like seeing Sang Sik and Min Joo being good at their respective jobs (even if they have to dance in squirrel costumes or take pictures of actors in flagrante). I especially like Min Joo guiding and nurturing Mi Rae, which is exactly what I expect a kind and highly competent older woman to do.

4 – In order to heal festering old wounds, one has to courageously confront the pain and fear and willingly accept the challenge to change what he or she can. It’s really lovely witnessing the restrictions and defects of the main characters slowly being smoothed out esp. in the case of Sang-sik. His and Min-joo’s developing romance is evoking a frisson of excitement in me quite unexpectedly; it never crossed my mind that an ajumma-ajussi love story would be this thrilling. And, for a moment, I found myself singing the chorus of Gangnam Style during Mi-rae and Ha-ni’s scenes. Kim Seul-gi is just too cute in this episode.

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