Sweet Stranger and Me

Title: 우리집에 사는 남자 / Sweet Stranger and Me
Chinese Title: 住在我家的男人
Also Known as: Man Living at My House
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2


This drama is based on the 2015 webtoon “우리집에 사는 남자 / The Man Living in Our House” by “유현숙 / Yoo Hyun Sook” which was published from 2015-March-24 to 2016-May-24 via “Daum.com“.

Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me Eng sub

1 - Kim Young-kwang & Lee Soo-hyuk two goodlooking Model & a real life bestfriends in same drama yasss! i'm so watching this

Jo Bo Ah is in it, so I will definitely watch it, she's amazing in pretty much everything :D
And I loved Soo Ae in Mask, too

2 - Yes, the plot seems weird, but I'm definitely gonna watch this. Please don't disappoint me, drama!

3 - Great drama and unique romance character. The storyline itself is rather typical. You easily can predict that Soo Ae will get involve in a triangle love with Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk. Except....! The main love interest aka Kim Young Kwang is a rather tough but sweet guy. Okay. If the word Tsundere ever cross your mind right now, just cross it out. Because, the word Tsundere suit Lee Soo Hyuk character more then Kim Young Kwang. Lee Soo Hyuk plays as Kwon Duk Bong, a rich CEO with a cool car and a nice office which has a Gundam like robot in front of it. He's cool, aloof, and carefree with a smart tongue that sometimes can throw a quick funny yet sharp remarks. His remarks and comments make me laugh easily here. Although, his role here looks like a second male lead ones but he can be the antagonist too after I watch the 1st episode.
Kim Young Kwang is a charming man with a great cooking ability here. His dumpling is Lee Soo Hyuk favorite. It's so delicious that Lee Soo Hyuk still buy it even when Kim Young Kwang annoy him here.
Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk character here is like the opposite of each other. Kim Young Kwang looks like an overall good guy with a dark past. He cares about Soo Ae deeply. You can see it even it's only 1st Episode. LOL. I won't spoil you. Just watch by yourself. Kim Young Kwang x Soo Ae couple are more hilarious than romantic actually.
Jo Bo Ah play as Yeo Joo. She is Soo Ae junior and kinda the female antagonist. She is the bad girl who look innocent type of girl here. Quite double face too. Despite that, she's still cute. 

4 - At first I thought Kim Young-kwang's too emotionless for his character. He couldn't establish his character that well in the first episode but then after watching the second episode, he's getting better. I hope he would be able to portray the character well. I love the plot so yes, I am expecting much from him after Pinocchio. :)



Main Cast:

Soo Ae as Hong Na Ri
Kim Young Kwang as Go Nan Gil
Lee Soo Hyuk as Kwon Duk Bong
Jo Bo Ah as Do Yeo Joo

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