Sweet Stranger and Me EP 1

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 1 eng sub

1 – why does everyone in this drama sound drunk? weird. i don’t know if it’s the drama’s vibe or acting or what. weird. anyway, so many eye candy so far and the story looks promising. looking forward to the next ep. 🙂

2 – Here I am …. suddenly miss Park Bo Gum…. Aishhh… I should move on soon… very very soon if I want to survive in this K-drama World….

3 – Wow perfect timing i was looking for a new drama to start looks promising right?

4 – Don’t disappoint us please ! Love the cast !Nowadays,the more oppas you put in a drama,the stronger it is lol!!I’m so happy,it’s raining oppas again!!!…..on the serious side,if love has left the building,why cant people just break-up instead of cheating. Respect the person you once loved…

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