Sweet Stranger and Me EP 12

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 12 Eng sub

1 – They should have done that last fight scene like Kim Rae Won scene in Sunflower or Cha Seung Won’s in Man in High Heels but of course no!! Anyway all is well just hope in the end Do Yee Jo ends up alone and reflecting on herself! She doesn’t deserve any love right now especially not from a rich man. So if the writers give her happily ever after with a man then he needs to be poor and they struggle together as a penance for all her conniving, vindictive, manipulative ways.

2 – Poor Kim Wan Shik..Indeed NaRi is always there when he comes over.. hahahaha.. he must be really upset that NanGil is wary over him meeting her..

However, it seems like NaRi is not scared of him..she looks like sje knows WanShik won’t hurt her. And I believe NanGil always acts like a real big brother to him.

3 – I really want to know how Joon and Hani started to work with Nan Gil…
I have an idea of why the other guy is excluded from their plans (he’s a bit off a coward and bluffs all the time xD) but still, how is he the only one not knowing what is actually going on?

I’m surprised that now I even look forward to Yeo Joo’s appearances when before I would easily get annoyed. She’s alright now, a bit nosy but with a much better image than before. The same goes for Duk Shim. It’s cute now whenever these two are together. Both of them need to show their love for Duk Bong properly without beating around the bush xD

I wonder if there is going to be a part with Duk Bong’s secretary explaining all she knows inlcuding how she came to dislike Na Ri’s mother.

How dare the so called “stepfather” suggest his own “son” to go to prison instead?

4 – I knew her dad was alive. I imagine he will be in a coma after this beating cause he is ill to previous fights!! Please on amnesia, we have enough of those!! I hope doesn’t die and we have a happy ending!

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