Sweet Stranger and Me EP 15

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 15 Eng sub

1 – as long as second lead couple get a happy ending, it’s okay for me! i watched this drama because of them tho! hehehe

2 – Only enjoyed watching this the first few eps and ep 14. The rest made me sleepy. And disappointed with Soo Ae whose expressions are the same throughout. I prefer the second leads.

3 – The three Oppas at the restaurant ☺️ I love them so much
😆 So excited for tomorrow ☺️ will you marry me ??? 😝 Yeh Oppa 😂 ( just kidding but I would love to ) and my other Oppa ( even though he was badass I liked him ) is coming to the restaurant 😊 6 Oppas VS the bad people fighting 💪 Kick their asses

4 – I have mixed feelings about this episode… I honestly was waiting for something shocking or extremely adorable and tooth rotting scenes since this is episode 15…
Oh well, it was still good…

I WAS WRONG ABOUT MY ASSUMPTION!! I thought the mother never told Na Ri about the father kidnapping her because that’s not what a father should do but turns out that she didn’t tell because that one trip became NaRi’s dream job…

I’m loving Duk Bong and Yeo Joo couple though <3 Lately they keep on showing us her good side!

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