Sweet Stranger and Me EP 2

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 2 Eng sub

1 – I haven’t experienced any one cheating on me that I know of but the priceless things I heard other people tell me about their spouses are unbelievable. I walked into a resale shop one day and started a conversation with two women. One told me that her husband came home and told her I think I want to start dating. Then the other woman told me her husband had been living with another woman for 5 years and she and the other woman didn’t know about each other. He traveled for business a lot. It made my pitiful story seem tame. One lady told me she was divorcing her husband because she had a problem with him dating she said with sarcasm. One lady told me while she was at her parent’s funeral her husband removed her stuff from the house and sold the house. Those are just the stranger’s stories I have heard. Jo you give me hope lol

2 – Loving how maniacal Soo Ae is in this role! fantastic! hahahaha!! and of course Young Kwang is perfect as always.. and SooHyuk’s voice can melt the north and south poles!

3 – This drama is a find! After next week, Moonlovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo will end. The Man Living In Our House is a good addition to the Monday-Tuesday viewing choices. It is funny, intriguing and entertaining.

4 – ugh I was soooo looking happy when I saw the teaser and so far.. this drama delivers!! Can’t wait for Mon/Tues every week now~

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Sweet Stranger and Me EP 2 KDrama Sweet Stranger and Me EP 2 Korean drama