Sweet Stranger and Me EP 3

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 3 Eng sub

1 – We say it is far fetched now but that is how it was hundreds of years ago land and power was controlled through marriage and in the U.S. until the last 100 years women could not inherit their husbands property. I am wondering if this has something to do with Korean Property inheritance laws.Here you can pass your estates to whomever you want as long as it is backed up with a legal will.I was watching a Chinese drama the other day and it wasn’t that old and the father was talking about how the laws had changed and that the daughters could now inherit property just like the sons. I don’t know if he meant since the revolution in the 60s

2 – Cast a handsome OPPA in a drama and oppa lover is there. Make them 2 and I am addicted but make them three and I am so dead. Na-ri’s ex fiancée is a douchebag but he is so handsome, the father exactly my style a manly man now the robot guy I am a goner.
I cant wait for next week I am loving this.

3 – I can’t stand robot guy. And the ex-fiancee is trash. (even if they are very easy on the eyes.)
BUT I LOVE kim young-kwang tho. I can’t get enough. I wish Kdrama was like netflix. I need to binge watch this show.

4 – The robot guy is so full of himself a self proclaimed jackass. The ex-fiancée is just pure trash not recyclable (and I will agree with you there he is very very easy on the eyes that’s why my face brightens when he appears on screen). But the gangster tattooed step dad, I think I am in love…

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