Sweet Stranger and Me EP 4

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  1. omg, i have this weird theory. Na Ri and the step-dad could be from same orphanage, and Na Ri was adopted, but she doesn’t rmb about that.

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1 – I actually did too! You inspired me and it lasted about a week and i gave up haha. I’ve decided it’s not watching kdrama thats a problem its how MUCH i watch it. Everything is fine in moderation. I try to set limits on how much to watch during the week and also I try to multi-task. I’ll watch while eating dinner, or walking on the treadmill, or doing some work at home. As long as it’s not interfering with the outside world what does it matter? You’re a teacher right? You need an outlet at the end of the day, a chance to set everything else aside. Why can’t this be yours?

2 – Actually, I read a research somewhere that Kdrama watching drama is not really good for us, girls. It sets unrealistic expectations for guys (we start comparing Kdrama guys to real guys and Kdrama guys always win). They say that divorce rate in Korea is up and Kdrama is one of the factors to blame for it. Also it is escapism and, like every form of escapism, is not supposed to be good for you.
On the other hand, I cannot watch anything else. Only Kdrama fills me up. So thank you for making me feel better. I kind of think like a chain smoker who cannot give up his habit (I don’t smoke, drink or eat sugar, btw.)

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