Sweet Stranger and Me EP 6

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  1. I never thought this drama will be so good, I started seeing it cause i wanted to watch something light and comic…but no, they’re happening so many things in each episode 🙂 ..but i hate the annoying girls … Can i punch them? xD

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 6 Eng sub

1 – For some reason I thought that today’s episode wasn’t going to air so I was feeling down. But as soon as I saw that it came out, I literally started dancing all over my room!

2 – Ok that is it I am starting to learn korean today. I understand random words in the sentences but not enough to get the whole idea. I recognize a lot but don’t know what they mean umph

3 – that’s what most of us do,after watching it raw,we have that big question mark in our face.But.. we also have the big smile because we saw our favorite leads and we think we got it but actually we did not..pathetic isn’t it? hahaha

4 – We can’t even finish all the highways in the Dallas area. It takes 10 years to finish construction on a highway and then they tear it up again in 2 years to make it bigger or because they forgot to fix something before they built it. There is no way they will finish a wall near Texas because they will take the low bid and it will take 15 years to complete it. By then we will have a visiting work program and they will be showing the uncompleted wall as the a school field trip. Kind of the like the Alamo which by the way they teach a mythical version of the battle of the Alamo.

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