Sweet Stranger and Me EP 7

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  1. I simply enjoy watching the chemistry between Hong Nari and Nang Gil. The storyline and setting is lovely. Beautiful countryside.

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 7 Eng sub

1 – Hey you know guys Texas can succeed from the union if Texans don’t like the vote. It is written into our constitution and people threaten every few years. Texas is not considered a state but a republic or at least that is what the people say until a big tornado blows through and then the state government asks for federal money.

2 – i am so mesmerized by Young Kwang,I didnt notice what happened to this episode……The kiss,the kiss happened,that’s all i remember lol!

3 – haha…vampy…
Mr. vampy is more than qualified to be a first lead. hope to see him as the guy who got the girl in another drama soon.
Usually he’s either a vampy who sucks blood or mr. pathetic who’s pining for love….poor him

4 – Wow wow that was super H.O.T. It got my blood pumping. I thought maybe the forward daughter will make the move on her dad but it was the reverse. The super hot cute dad could not refrain himself anymore. I loved how he just let loose and let it all go.

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