Sweet Stranger and Me EP 9

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Reviews movie Sweet Stranger and Me EP 9 Eng sub

1 – Hong Na Ri seems like a pretty level headed woman. After hearing all the things she’s said to Nan Gil about not dredging up the past, it doesn’t seem like she’ll let him go. She knows that he had a shady past but he’s not capable of killing someone. Na Ri trusts her mom’s instinct and if she fully trusted Nan Gil & treated her like a son then that’s all the confirmation Na Ri needs.

For some reason I feel like it’s the opposite. Nan Gil looked as if he was trying to help her dad out instead of trying to collect his debts gauging from the cuts and blood streaming down his head it looks as if Nan Gil’s gang members fought with him instead. Then he took the rap for her dad’s murder and went to jail. Seems like he used that as a bargaining tool to be released from his evil step father’s underworld. But of course we need some drama. He’ll feel guilt towards her and try to distance himself cause he’s such a stellar guy. I can’t get enough of Nan Gil and his humble disposition towards his feelings for her. He knows she definitely has the upper hand over him. He’s just puddy in her hands… *sigh*

2 – Well said!That incident might be the trigger for his PTSD.. high buildings, busy city, Seoul..
His anxiety and panic disorder might be from worrying about NAri finding out his past.

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