The K2

Title: 더 케이투 / The K2
Genre: Melodrama, Political, Action
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN


This drama is about a patriotic bodyguard who was abandoned by his country and colleagues, a hidden daughter of leading Presidential candidate who regards love as a tool for revenge, and the First Lady contender who hides her ambition and charisma behind a kind and friendly personality.

Reviews movie The K2 Korean Drama eng sub

1 - Drama gods have mercy on me. With the premier of this one my total drama count per week will be 9. I think i am having an overdose of handsome oppas. Yes i said i love oppas and i call myself oppa lover but this is a bit too much. How will my poor heart survive each week...OTOKKEE
Sal-lyeo joo-se-yo (save me). I promise to be a good girl and love only 1 oppa.Sal-lyeo joo-se-yo. These dramas are taking over my life please save me drama gods. And P.S go easy on the eye candy you are not making it any easier for a die hard fangirl like me i think i am going blind from all the fineness,hotness and cuteness going around.The stars are too bright...

2 - WOOOW ji chang wook finally!!!!! I don't know how many times i have been checking the teasers I love it already!!

3 - When you see your favourite oppa in a Kdrama after a long time *__________* Oppaaaaaaaa where were youuuuuuuuu missed youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 - OH MY GOD!! action drama!!....with an absolute hunk!!....this place is surely a heaven for galz!!.........yaaay.....:P.......i m going to stay young forever it seemz.....



Main Cast:

Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha
Song Yoon Ah as Choi Yoo Jin
Im Yoon Ah as Go Anna
Jo Sung Ha as Jang Se Joon
Kim Gab Soo as Park Kwan Soo

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