The K2 EP 1

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 1 Eng sub

1 – Wow… Finally it’s up.. i’ve watched it without sub but still it feels like I understand it because of thier emotions especially to Yoona.. when she’s begging for help.. my heart…

2 – Watch it and you’ll find that she improved a lot compare to her past drama. Well, most of the roles didnt talk much in this episode…lol…but wait for Ep 2….watch it…you wont regret…lol

3 – Those who are not a fan of Yoona’s drama I recommend this drama for you. She did a great job delivered her part. Very very very different from her past drama. I am her fan but honestly i’m not really her drama’s fan and also another BUT this drama may change it. She improved a lot compare to her past drama. Believe me. Although I am Yoona fan but I am drama freak. This drama will open your eyes to see how great Yoona and Ji Changwook. [BGM: NCT-Open Your Eyes]

4 – It’s evident how much effort is put into this drama project and the dedication of the actors, esp. its main leads, Ji Chang-wook and Yoona, is of no joke. Salute! Exhilarating, explosive pilot episode. Action scenes are intense and emotions run at fever pitch. On a different note, I can’t believe Song Yoon-ah is in her 40s. She’s so beautiful. Sometimes I see Song Ji-hyo in her and vice-versa. Knockout and killer, I’m instantly hooked with K2.

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