The K2 EP 11

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 11 Eng sub

1 – You’re right. Cigars stink. Not only that but for long time smokers you can smell the toxins in their bloodstream and organs too. No matter how much you wash yourself the stank never goes out.

Plain cotton straight clean plus lighty soap scent in the morning in determined men still the champions scent to start the day for women lol.

2 – Chang Wook does smoke casually but It seems like the director doesn’t want to portray JaeHa as vicious. He never lit his cigars and is always interrupted. I find it funny lol.

But guess they will kill him in the end. YeJin will kill the assistant bitch too. I believe it will be like domino. Just don’t know if Anna will be safe.

3 – My mom ask do you guys need to go to mental hospital shall i booked couple of rooms there :)) well nobody cant blame me,my sisters & brothers for all hilarious behaviors ;)) the way this drama turning action to sweet is incredible ;))

4 – Ji Chang Wook really doesn’t disappoint me!!! I like so much how he plays his role in Action and in Romance!!! but the others actors are really good too, especially Yoona, i think she looks astonishing in here, her way to play a character in a drama improved a lot! “The K2” fighting!!!!
This couple has a very good chemistry, I like it so much!

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