The K2 EP 12

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 12 Eng sub

1 – one more thing!!!….his ‘hotness’ can melt the entire Glacier of K2…:D….i ‘ve said it earlier also that these Korean oppas are the soul cause of GLOBAL WARMING!!!….and UN is worried about CO2 levels…hahaha…LOLs!!…:D

2 – I think the overall acting on action was a bit below the drama in this episode. They rushed in weird ways non naturally to the scenes. Is going way too fast.

The old master was pretty useless too.

Song Yoon A saved the episode.

Way too melow too. You can’t just almost kill a man who ordered the death of your previous interest and give shots to the air without an impact in your mental stability. Coming back to apply face masks? tsch… kkkkk

Hope they will fix this in the next episode.

Even though I understand JeHa’s mind this was a bit overboard.

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