The K2 EP 13

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 13 Eng sub – Korean Drama

1 – Nice table flip in the plot. Now he is the most wanted and is seen as a potential harm to almost all of them.

The only one really caring about JeHa in this is Yoo Jin.

Her brother and her father are the evil ones.

The YooJin parrot sadly still alive.

I just hope the directors won’t kill JeHa. It would be such a turn off.

I want the truth but I also want JeHa’s revenge and deserved life after that. I also want to know more about JeHa’s past.

Please don’t make him a sacrifice goat for the drama.

2 – Boom shakalaka, anything else then the road to the blue house would have been shit kd she’s good and she came out on top no matter what now she got to be nice to Anna
But Anna that stupid woman/child sick of her, instead get on your stepmom and dad good side, get a little power.. can’t beat them join them YJ is mirror

3 – We finally know that the main story revolves around Yoo Jin .
SHE is the story & the story is HER
Her fight against her arch enemies from all 4 corners and she is still standing tall… Yoo Jin story is getting more and more interesting. I am curious what her back up plan was and mighty impressed as how she executed it – SJ was none the wiser…..!! LOL. Her husband has betrays her at every opportunity he gets and i am glad that his weakness (that he wants Yoo Jin to bear the burden) is out in the open. Karma is a B**ch and its gonna bite SJ 10 times what he dish to Yoo Jin (him letting her take the fall on Ah Na parentage issue)

I wonder how Yoo Jin will return the compliments to her step brother for that stunt he pulled. Can’t wait for it….

As for her loser husband, i hope that Yoo Jin gets to claim that hand that slap her earlier…

Song Yoon Ah, many compliments on your acting…. Its PERFECT- i can honestly say that I haven’t watch a cool yet elegant female leader that can stand tall with the other powerful men… And the men in this drama (except the lousy SJ) are not weak….

Song Yoon Ah, Keep the good job….!!

4 – 

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