The K2 EP 15

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 15 Eng sub

1 – I didn’t think his character changed. From the start, he had a plot to take down Kwan Soo by using Yoo Jin. They just worked together cause they have the same enemy. But since Anna came along, it gave him more reason to take the both of them down. He never really said it out loud, but he had to stay with Yoo Jin to come up with a plan. Or else, he wouldn’t get access to Cloud Nine and have the information of the memory card etc. Just so happens that he saw the cunning side of Yoo Jin more (which is not good for Anna), and decided that they couldn’t be friends anymore.

2 – Jae Ha never truly loyal to Yoo Jin, because he doesn’t want to be Yoo Jin’s people. Anna is one weak character now they made Jae Ha becomes stupid as well. Oh well, doesn’t it crossed his mind his life was already turned wrong the moment the started became the soldier and private bodyguard whatsoever. And now since he wants to protect Anna the woman he loves he wants to go all the way against Yoo Jin. Yoo jin was right when she said Love is a luxury for us. Because even Jae Ha go overseas after this, is he actually believe that his life will be happy? Even Yoo Jin give up everything now, her life also will not be happy. Because they know too much, and the enemies won’t just turn blond eye for them.

Watching this drama made us feel like political war in sageuk. Maybe this writer should try to write sageuk.

3 – this was an interesting episode, full of events.. But the part about jeha was too much.

There is a limit to exaggeration honestly! The guy just had surgery about 1 day back? got kicked in the wound, and was bleeding from there, got hit in the head and was bleeding from there too, got hit several times by so many people, but still managed to get up and run etc etc, and his one kick was enough for the enemies!!!! LOL… seriously! this is too much!… why was everyone just trying to fight with him with wooden planks etc… does it make sense that none of the people at the construction site, where anna had been taken, had any weapon? or if they had, they didnt use it against jeha?lol… so ridiculous!

4 – LOL…. For a while there, i thought i was watching Rambo, Je Ha being the Rambo…. I agree with you, that Je Ha fighting scene ends up being a comic….
How could the kidnappers have no weapon….? In the earlier episode, everyone always had guns or at least the shock gun, but while kidnapping, ALL of them forgot to bring any..? LOL

The rest of the part was interesting… Yoo Jin blocking off the exit made the intruder panic was good… And I still like the part that she make sure K2 was safely out of the building before executing her plans… Whatever the cruel words K2 spoken to Yoo Jin, Yoo Jin was being the bigger person, and still try to protect her friend even if that person is that S.O.B of a friend of hers….

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