The K2 EP 16

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  1. This drama really has no limits on pushing logic and being a stereotypical korean drama. K2 was able to fight all those men, save anna, and remain conscious the whole time in his condition? He seems to be invincible. Even though he got shot on the leg, he was still able to walk?How could Anna just let her father go die like that? Not even trying to stop him? If it was just a little more plausible, just a little, it could’ve made this drama decent but what was I guess I shouldn’t keep my expectations how. It is a korean drama after all.

  2. this is the moment…
    starting this day i will miss to much JI CHANG WOOK..
    ALL actors and staff of K2 thank you and congrats…more power…

  3. Super buena.
    Aunque un poco lejos de la realjdad humana en el sentido de K2 operado y herido.
    Es como el hombre de hierro. Jajaja
    Pelea con 1,000 y sobrevive.
    Yo quiero un hombre así. 😘🇰🇷✈

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 16 Eng sub

1 – Daebak !! Her eyes are full of tears But her smile 🙂 GOD how could she 🙂 sitting like a royal 🙂 ordering like a Empress 🙂 on a critical condition like that 🙂 And Someone inform Oscar,Emmy and other Award Shows 🙂 This is one of the best actress in the world 🙂

2 – I AM IN MOURNING. RIP, best female character of 2016. :'(
GOODBYE CHOI YOO JIN – you made this drama into something worth watching.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesomeness of Yoo Jin’s secretary, Ms. Kim. What loyalty!! Lot of fans were simply hating on her but few of us have admired her from the start.

Final point – This drama helped me discover the undeniable and brilliant talent of Song Yoon Ah. I sincerely hope that this amazing lady is soon cast in some other great project. I would watch it blindly, knowing full well that SYA would enthrall and mesmerize me again with her performance.

Goodbye K2 unlike most Kdramas these days, your ending left me extreamly satisfied.

3 – What a perfect ending!!

I agree with you the ending is just as perfect. Right timing, this drama should win the best drama. Thank you its wonderful, I hope JI chang wook will work on another drama soon. 🙂

4 – Lets mourn for the queen CYJ and i don’t like how anna sit at her place in the end. Btw, hope to see SYA in a great drama soon. She deserve the best actress award for her acting. I think beats all the lead actress in any drama for this year. Good job SYA

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