The K2 EP 3

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 3 Eng sub

1 – HIGH FIVE:):):)
Its the holy ritual of watching K-dramas performed without a fail by K-drama addicts around the world- refresh million times to check whether its uploaded or not, then watch RAW, watch it with English Subtitles, watch it again for hero’s smiling face/ funny/cute/ romantic/ brilliant action scenes and wait for next episode……..:):):)

2 – Hmm… I think i am the only one here who doesn’t want the wife to be killed… I’m curious as to why the wife is like that and why she needs that lousy cheating husband of hers… The wife look powerful as it is, she should be running for the President herself….

This is so very totally out of the box, and i do mean really out of the box, but i wanna see how the wife will convince chang wook to protect her and get him to be utterly HER person… The wife will need to eat humble pie first that is and divorce that cheating husband of hers .. I would love it if the writer twist it and make the wife will be on the run WITH chang wook and the bad guy will be the husband and that hidden daughter…. Well, they did say that the hidden daughter will use love as tool for revenged in the synopsis, so i’m guessing she’ll make make all the men fall for her and their loyalty will go to the hidden daughter rather than the wife…?

So many ideas as to how the writer can go abt with the story, am so very curious which way they will go…

3 – everytime i watch a new drama which just started i have this problem:
I Tell Myself, Not To Watch It Until All The Episodes Are Released or Almost All!!!
but then thissss realllly handsome guysssss are playing in it, so i just can’t abstain myself! Is so hard to be me sometimes….

4 – I always ask myself why does a day have only 24 h ? I mean between studies ,work ,sports social life and K drama I’m dead :'( and here I am watching this while I should be studying cause exams are soon … I really think that yoona is the most beautifull idol out there *-*

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