The K2 EP 4

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 4 Eng sub

1 – Just watched both episodes, and the only thing that came in my mind was: a
K2 director: Yoona get your s**t together we went bankrupt casting Chang Wook… No mediocre acting.
Yoona: ok…
Me: wow!! Her acting us like 200℅ better…
After so much backslashes on girls idols, because of the horrible acting, nice to see some improvement on one of them…

Ji Chang Wook… Well nothing to say…. My new addiction.. k2

2 – My prayers were not answered indeed. The kdrama gods are not taking it easy on me. I asked them to go easy on the eye candy they are not making it any easier for a die hard fangirl like me i think i am going blind from all the fineness,hotness and cuteness going around.The stars are too bright.

3 – My healer.. My boyfriend… Hahaaha
Eversince I watched Kdrama I became a playgirl coz all the leading actor become my BF (in my dreams LOL

4 – Oh dear :)) i have never able to enjoy like Anna after find a noodles packet 😉

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