The K2 EP 5

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 5 Eng sub

1 – darling don’t get decieved!!…..concentrate!!!…..when all koreanz say FIGHTING!!….it actually meanz…. DIETING!!!….can’t u see their well chiseled faces and well sculpted bodies….hahaha….:D

2 – twist in my crazy and nonsensical, « she has a secret past, and he is her long lost child, the reason she cut ties or was disowned by her father was not because she chose a poor politician, but because she pregnant yet unmarried, so he sent her to the same monastery she sent Anna, and got rid of her child, that’s why she hates everybody…»

3 – omo!!….so ji chang wook has taken the job of bodygaurding ‘The Devil who wears PRADA or not’….and our fan guts are saying hezz gonna be absolutely delicious in that!!…..SO lemme forget Kevin costner as this new HAWTTIE!! is serving us as well….my heart is truly wavering…:D

4 – Not even the hurricane and lack of electricity can stop me from watching this RAW. ?
Can’t wait for subs! Can’t wait for them to really meet and have a conversation. I have a feeling he is the one that will help her get over her anxiety.
P.s. hope everyone from Florida is safe and sound! ❤

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