The K2 EP 6

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After Apink’s Bomi mistook her new virtual husband Choi Tae Joon for actor Ji Chang Wook in the October 1 episode of “We Got Married,” Ji Chang Wook has shared his funny conversation with the younger actor!

2 – Though I liked the lead couple’s CCTV dance today, I was more entranced by the lead and the second lead’s chemistry today again!! YOO JIN AND JAE HA are doing a terrific job here!! This is the first time that I’m experiencing SECOND LEAD SYNDROME FOR AN ACTRESS!!!! Let’s see if it stays that way 🙂
But that that UMBRELLA MOMENT and her ongoing thoughts had me there!! <3

3 – Watching the last episode I thought that maybe Je Ha was falling in love with Anna in such an unrealistic pace, it seemed way too fast! But now that I think more about it, it actually makes sense.

They have both been through hell and back, her more than him I think. He became cynical and rugged person that’s taken lives and sees the world as black and white as a result, understandably so. All of that haunts him now and he’s failed to see that there is good in the world (till he meets her), just as her trauma haunts her. he even remembered her after abandoning her months ago in Madrid, she obviously left an imprint and he felt guilty for leaving her. She, on the other hand, retained a child-like innocence and is pure despite the trauma she experienced. He sees himself as darkness, and she seems to be the representation of light. Even though he sees himself as darkness, we can see when he looks at her that he is warm and smiles like he’s a child himself. This is also confirmed, to a degree, in his desire to protect those who are innocent, which likely stemmed from his trauma. They both feel guilty for losing the people they love, it seems that they will inevitably heal each other’s wounds because those scars are ones they both understand. He will help her feel less scared (mostly of herself) and she will help him see the light he actually has inside. Bringing out the best in each other and loving a person because of their flaws and not despite them (as those same flaws make them a person that is unique and unlike anyone else ) is the strongest kind of romantic love in my opinion.

I think the same reason Je Ha likes Anna, the Madam likes him too. She sees the good in him, despite being a pretty dark person herself. Unlike him though, we have yet to see the pure and good in her. Likely why she is so attracted to him and jealous of Anna. No matter how much she’s pushed her, the girl remains pure.

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling this might have a tragic ending, hope not though, I’m a sucker for a happy ending! Can’t wait for this episode and I hope the show keeps its pace as its been so good thus far.

4 – Master didn’t like her getting all googly eyed about K2.That fake fight K2 and he had was funny. Doc hit Master on the head with something metal in her bag. Lol Toothy K1 and Delusional J4 is iffy to me. She might get fired.

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