The K2 EP 7

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 7 Eng sub

1 – When watching K2 I be like ” Uhhhh who cares about Anna’s sob story, when will Yoo Jin get someone killed! hahahaha ” Yoon Jin is totally Fab, she even has an evil Seri, loving the fact that some people are actually shipping Yoo Jin with Chang Wook when shes meant to be the evil chaebol, dammmm hilarious!!!

2 – I absolutely loved the background music as Yoo Jin and Jaeha discussed their own versions of what betrayal is.

“I’ve never betrayed those who don’t betray me.”

Jaeha, as a soldier who’s been betrayed by Blackstone and his own country, understands that all puppets get discarded eventually by their wielders. But he also understands bonds and what it’s like to have people close to you and how powerful those bonds are.

“There’s no such thing as an owner who’s not betrayed their own people.”

“But maybe you don’t betray your friends. Isn’t that so? Friend?”

Viewers get to witness yet another schism between Jaeha’s and Yoo Jin’s ideologies and thoughts through a simple, yet profound conversation.

Another thing, Anna’s dad is a little bitch!!!

Yoo Jin states it perfectly.

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