The K2 EP 8

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 8 eng sub

1 – Since this drama has the same writer of Yong Pal, I can’t help but notice the obvious similarities. First thing, both female leads were under tight security, wore sleeping gowns, almost got crazy and were later rescued by the lead guy…I just hope the K2 will have a better ending.

2 – I like the way they get close little by little.
This was one of the cutest scenes in the drama!

3 – OKAY…I was only wondering about which actress he kissed the most and I WAS SURPRISED to find out it’s KHN and not any actress!!!! He acted with him in a Musical ‘Thrill me’ in which they BOTH PLAYED AS A GAY COUPLE and shared DEEP SENSUOUS KISSES!!!(He said so himself!! XD XD)…..God HE NEVER FAILS TO SURPRISE ME! ;))) XD XD…I can’t believe he made me JEALOUS OF HA NEUL OPPA!!! XD XD

4 – I love this drama…Any episode come more and more interesting….bit i can’t wait another week to Watch ep9?i love the preview too, but there isn’t? i’m so Sad

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The K2 EP 8 KDrama The K2 EP 8 Korean drama