The K2 EP 9

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Reviews movie The K2 EP 9 Eng sub

1 – So cute:)
this is more like my imaginary list of “things to do if I ever meet Ji Chang Wook shi AND I have it my way”……of, course, then “his” little hearts and bullets would be for me >_<
Ji Chang Wook shi :):):)

2 – Guys !! our Healer is back 🙂 superman is a fictional hero 🙂 and look at my healer he can save & heal female lead & me at the same time ;))

3 – It’s not difficult to fall in love with Ji Chang-wook’s characters. As Pyeha to Mama-nim, Healer to Young-shin, and K2 to Anna, not only is he charmingly handsome but he also is always lovingly thoughtful of- and mightily puts his life on the line for- his woman. The growing camaraderie and understanding between K2 and Anna and Anna’s slowly self-becoming is so thrilling to witness. Looking at their many photos, bts, and videos together, the TaNyang/JiJi shipper in me just can’t help but gush over JCW and Yoona’s chemistry—adorable, playful, and sizzling. Congratulations, btw, for the 2.06% ratings increase in K2’s most recent episode, the highest recorded for its timeslot. JCW has been heaping praises for his topnotch action performance, hence it was sad to learn that K2 would be his last action drama on account of his grueling training experience. Anyhow, looking forward to more intensity and excitement in the coming episodes.

4 – last night I spent 2h watching a movie called ” wedding dress” with song yunah omg what a great and sad and good film …she trully is amzing gosh *-*

as always our Im yoona shines even brighter I love her so much and I want a Girls’Generation comeback so I could see singer yoong again, miss her the most on stage !

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