The Mermaid 2016 EP 1 (full)

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Reviews movie The Mermaid 2016 EP 1 (full) Eng sub

1 – Show Luo as the octupus man is too hilarious. Overall it was a pretty good movie, Deng Chao is so handsome btw.

2 – Can I just point how much I love this movie…? Not just because of the fact that it is so damn funny and has a riveting story line… But mainly because of the message [subtle and blunt] that the movie is conveying to us… The destruction of our environments for productivity…. As an environmental-conscious person – this movie was perfectly done in order to bring awareness to the issue….
I can now guess why this was one of the highest gross income movie that came this first half of the year for China… It was and is an excellently done movie…
P.S. – That appearance by Kris was definitely a surprise….

3 – srsly..not lie..dunno kris was here (since not really fan) but it really surprise me…and this movie really good~~ but the ending not really satisfying… 9/10

4 – This drama is just the cutest <3

The ending was good but it wasn’t satisfying, I just wish there was a bit of more romance at the end

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