The return of superman

Korean title: 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 / English title: The return of superman

Fathers may not be perfect.. but that's alright if they aren't perfect! There's nothing like a father's love to boost our spirits. The dads who used to spend all their time working have returned home on 'The Return of Superman'.

Reviews Korean show The return of superman Eng sub

1 - Dad was the naughty one here! He taught them to do it!! He is sometimes more of a kid then the twins!

2 - AHAHA! Father looked mad at the end of this video! Anyone know what the title of the songs, that sarang sings in the korean class.?

3 - Daehan, minguk and manse the triplets should return in the returns of superman. That's great!! I'm love these guys. They are the cutest!!

4 - From the very first episode, there were no triplets in the show. There were only twins, Sarang, Junu, Junseo and Haru. Although now the babies are keep changing, I never miss any episode. As you guys know, this show is not only about triplets. It's all about the celebrities appas experiencing to babysit their own babies without their wives. Triplets' appa is already a real superman that he can do very well in babysitting. It saddened me when the triplets left but let's give the other beginner appa chance to experience babysit as well. So, let's just enjoy the show without complaining things like this. and respect other casts. :D



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