The Return of Superman EP 114

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Reviews movie The Return of Superman EP  114 Eng sub

1 – tae young si so sweet. i thought he’d kiss eugene when he woke up. i guess i expected a lot. lol but aww. i want a husband like him. <3 and that part where he talked to the cameraman/men. lol i thought their part would be boring cos it’s their first ep but it’s not.

2 – KEKEKE,Tae Young looked like he was speaking to an imaginary person(the camera man was in the tent that’s why lol) when he was seating on the couch sipping coffee XD

3 – Wow new superman Ki Tae-young and wife Eugene so sweet with cutie baby girl fighting… Love this show and I will surely miss the amazing triplet good luck and God bless. Take care

4 – it is good to see a new family in the show,, body’s been waiting for eugene’s daughter ro hee, but this also means the triplets departure will be soon. As far as I remember the PD said it will be earlier in feb.. (sobs)

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