The Return of Superman EP 127

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Reviews Korean show The Return of Superman EP 127 Eng sub

1 – The CNBlue boys were cute…they were kind of like a married couple. One would hold while the other would work LOL! “…feeling like she was being taken away” Looks like they got attached to her! 

2 – omg yang dong geun! i’m probably the only one, but I Am Sam feels!!! i really loved that show <3 didn’t know he already recorded for tros i just saw like yesterday he’d be on with 2 other dads. really looking forward to seeing him and his kids! 😀 omg Lee Seo Jun!! there i was thinking he was crying like that coz he missed his dad -_- and Daebak & Lee Dong Wook is just too adorable i hope he’ll really come on the show again!!! 

3 – so sweet Lee Dong Wook oppa!! why Lee Dong Wook oppa look so cute and daebakkkkkk????????nomo nomooo chuwayo

4 – Poor Dong Gook~ It’s okay Si An loves you a lot! Love Dong Wook in this episode thou. I would love to see him more with Si An. I love Village School episodes. They’re always hilarious and you can see the teacher trying his best to be understanding but still be strict. Haha. He does look scary thou :))

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The Return of Superman EP 127 KDrama The Return of Superman EP 127 Korean drama