The Return of Superman EP 129

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Reviews Korean show The Return of Superman EP 129 Eng sub

1 – Hi, just curious. Does Lee Dong Gook got 2 houses? Or was the area the kids were preparing the gifts the second floor?

2 – He has two houses. His family’s house is three hours from his soccer team’s stadium so he can’t really commute from home. So during soccer/training season he goes and stays near his team in Jeonju by himself and on breaks he goes back to his family’s house in Songdo, Incheon. He’ll sometimes spend like a month away from his kids – i think that’s why the family wanted to do the show was so that he could spend more time with his children one on one. Now the kids will go during the weekends to his apartment to see him. I’m not sure why the whole family doesn’t just move there. Either way his wife is a saint.

3 – I guess RoHee is taking a break. It would be extra fun if she could’ve joined the club with the 3 of them !!! I actually really like TROS new concept it just needs to work some stuff out. This episode made me cry too much as well chopping onions everywhere…

4 – I MISS LOHEE TOO I LOVE HER & APPA! They don’t leave the show, a source writes that her father wants to show more improvement of Lohee before their next episode, hopefully they’ll appear next week.

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The Return of Superman EP 129 KDrama The Return of Superman EP 129 Korean drama