The Return of Superman EP 134

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Reviews movie The Return of Superman EP 134 eng sub

1 – I really cannot believe Appa Lee was carrying both older children and left Daebak walking on his own. So he didn’t realize that the right shoe was dislodged. As young as he is, he didn’t know how to put his shoe back on. I wasn’t happy to see Appa Lee was smiling at Daebak’s predicament walking around with his right foot on tip toe cause of the hot asphalt. He was in distressed so much he forgot to yell out APPA. Appa Lee should have quickly swooped him up is his arms to protect Daebak’s foot. 🙁

2 – lo hee yaaa.. are you leaving? it’s sad if that true.. you’re getting more charming tho’

3 – its not fair we only see rohee for a short time and you get to see the rest of the familys twice i think her family must be leaving the show

4 – Rohee always gets 10 minutes of screentime at the most. Kind of not fair if you look at it.

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