The Return of Superman EP 136

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Reviews Korean Show The Return of Superman EP 136 Eng sub

1 – Rohee is my favourite. Well I say, I have a baby girl only 2 months apart from Rohee. She is 12 months now and I can’t wait to see her walks like Rohee ^^

2 – Rohee is baaack…and she can walk alone now…she grows up well. She is back with many new charms. So cute…
LoL at Seo Jun & Seol Ah’s partnership. Cutie troublemakers as comrades. They’re in sync esp when they play on the bed. Such funny scenes indeed. Two appas can’t beat that. And how sweet Seo Eon & Soo Ah’s partnership. They did what they ask and didn’t lie. Proud of them. They did well. So well-behaved. Being troublemakers or well-behaved, each kids have their own charms. They all are good kids indeed.
Joint babysitting, ahhh in love with the babies. Cutie three babies together. Nice new concept the show made, about how parents can help each other taking care of children.
SODA siblings…ahh can’t get over with these two kids. So Eul and Da Eul are so well-behaved. Because So Eul is so well-behaved, Da Eul copies all the good deeds his sister did. So cute, how they help each other and how they care each other..
I will always love this show…^^

3 –  too many lucky romance ost as bgm >.< n loheeeeeee shes sooooo cuteeeeee

4 – 

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The Return of Superman EP 136 KDrama The Return of Superman EP 136 Korean drama