The Return of Superman EP 148

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Reviews movie The Return of Superman EP 148 Eng sub

1 – EXO with SODA siblings…So Eul being shy is so cute and Da Eul is so cute…that Superman couple panties though..hahahaha…Umin and Chen oppa/hyung are so handsome..Lee twins are so lovely. They love to play and being naughty toward their appa but when their appa is sick, they care for him the sweet..Arin is so cute and lovely with the twins as well..Seol Ah, Soo Ah and Daebak are so lovely and well-behaved with their grandparents and the soccer kids are so caring toward the three siblings..too bad there are no Rohee or OGG segments this week (OGG is next week though but it means Rohee will be 2 or 3 weeks later).

2 – OMG Chen and Xiumin, Im literally Screaming, Daeul is soooo Cute!!! ♥‿♥ Plus Seoul has great taste in men Lol. I wish they had more screen time, but I guess our lovely oppas have tight schedules, I hope they found their time with the Soda siblings relaxing 🙂 Exo Fighting!! O(≧▽≦)O

3 – why wasn’t the older twins there to see their grandparents as well….I like seeing them.

4 – The pic they took they look really alike

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