The Return of Superman EP 150

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Reviews movie The Return of Superman EP 150 Eng sub

1 – This episode is so hilarious. Looking at those two Lee Seo Twins devouring the Jajangmian without a thought of sharing with their appa first. If somebody would have asked both of them who do they love best, I am sure they would have said they love the Jajangmian more than appa. But even after he asked to have a bit, they could only give him a few noodles, not willing to share their coveted Jajangmian. Seo Jun even went as far as to tell their appa to have the sweet and sour pork instead.

Then watching Daebakie flirting with the 2 little girls was so funny and when he couldn’t get enough of the soup, he stood up to serve himself. Way to go Daebakie, he could only rely on himself.

2 – Eugene is so lucky to have husband like Taeyong 🙂 not only he is handsome but also very good at babysitting… he is really a husband material >,<

3 – I’m not really a fan of TVXQ but everytime it plays it gets me. 😀 clapping for daebak :)) GOOD JOB! *pats*

4 – all kids have their own charms…loving them more n more…appas fighting

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