The Return of Superman EP 152

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Reviews movie The Return of Superman EP 152 Eng sub

1 – I swear Daebak is the reason I keep coming back to watch TROS. He’s the smartest baby I’ve ever seen. He’s gonna grow up good man. I guarantee. He has huge possibility to be successful at such young age. His vibe and his positivity is beyond words. He manage to inspire a gold medalist olympic athlete in his age. Lee Dong Gook and his wife definitely raise their kids well. All of his kids are gonna be people in the future. They’re really talented and take charge on their own life. Jaea. 10 years old with such big dream and she doesn’t waver at all. Her parents plant the idea to dream in such young age. And Jaesi Jaea definitely take care of their siblings with heart <3 I’m really looking forward to these kids’ future.

2 – Hahahahaha Seol ah..when she talked to her self…thats hillarious

3 – I really like Bum Soo bringing his kids to experience the reality of living in the countryside. Fishing, gardening and farming. One can see his children are learning and experiencing a lot. Two thumbs up for you Bum Soo.

As for Lee Dong Gook family, what else can one say, Daebakie has grown taller and seems like he has grown mentally beyond his 23 months old mind. He had such initiative to feed mushrooms to his dad and to Park Sang Young. He never gave up, over coming his hardship climbing up the sand dune.

The Lee Seo Twins finally met a set of twin racoons who were naughtier than them. The twins has also grown taller and learning a lot from their varied experiences organized by their dad.

4 – omg the scene where seol ah talked to herself <3

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