The Thieves

Other name: Dodookdeul; The Thieves; The Professionals

Country: South Korea

Genres: Crime, Movie, Thriller


Once Macau Park and Pepsi pulls off their next big heist the couple plans marry. But, while pulling off their heist, there is a mysterious crash. Pepsi winds up going to prison, while Macao Park leaves for Macau. Pepsi is then released from prison on a special pardon given on a special day. Pepsi, Popeye and Anycall then travel to Macau to steal a diamond worth 42 billion Won ($37 million USD). In Macau, the group runs into Macau Park who they thought went missing.

Comments about movie The Thieves 

1 - I came here only for Kim Soo Hyun and jeon Ji hyeon..

2 - This movie is good puts you in the mind of a thief

3 - Oh nooo what's wrong with the video player ??? it's not workiiiiiing :(

4 - This movie was okay. Good film, some comedy, action, a typical thief movie. Just wanted more though :/





Main Cast:

Kim Yoon Suk

Kim Hye Soo

Lee Jung Jae

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