We got married S4 EP 346

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Reviews movie We got married S4 EP 346 Eng sub

1 – Ji Chang Wook guys…..FRACKING JI CHANG WOOK IS COMING NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! How am i going to be able to wait for a week TT

2 – cha jin wook next week(?) and Zico?? This is making me crazy…. OMG I wanna scream with someone that understand this feeling right now! arghhhhhhhhwooooaaaahhhhhh

3 – yh its Ji Chan-wook. Korean names are always difficult for me. Even my friends in school. I mistake their names all the time. Like all the time

4 – okay, solar is either oblivious, shy or doesnt want to do skin ship with eric in front of cams. lol. cause she totally avoids it. lol omg. mr. wookie is coming!!! ahhhh!!! <3

Bomi is such riot! Putting up those adhesive sheets lol. And Apink members just laughing at her when they saw her in her wedding gown… That’s true friendship y’all. Real friends laugh at you like that

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We got married S4 EP 346 KDrama We got married S4 EP 346 Korean drama