We got married S4 EP 347

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Reviews movie We got married S4 EP 347 Eng sub

1 – I was waiting for the ending for Eric and Solar. No matter how much i dont like them to end I realized that they’re almost ending as a couple when Solar changed her hair color due to her group’s comeback. GAAAAH.
On the happy note: JI CHANG WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

2 – daebak solar in that store i didnt see if tis real or fake yet but if its real im gonna go crazy..

3 – I could tell Eric and Solar were in their final days as a couple from their trip to Dubai. I have to admit, she did get him in the store really well. That was one of the best “gotchas” I have seen in a long time. I use to be super sad when couples leave, now I just hope they remain friends when their virtual marriages are over. I will continue to enjoy Jota and Jin Kyung as well as the new couple Bomi and Tae Joon … and the next new couple.

4 – I wont miss solar and eric that much because omg, bomi alone makes up for everyone! How can this girl be so hilarious? I only know eunji and na eun from apink but bomi’s now my favorite apink

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