We got married S4 EP 348

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Reviews movie We got married S4 EP 348 Eng sub

1 – I liked seeing Eric and Solar hang out as friends but I’m not really sure if they fit WGM 😀 Somehow they were still one of my favorite couples on this show though, it was really fun watching them together. I hope they remain friends after this show.

2 – Ah, not really, I was just joking 🙂
Comedienne Lee Guk Joo (shown as the new bride at the episode end) was indeed previously rumored to be Jin’s ex girlfriend, since Jo Se Ho mentioned Lee Guk Joo had dated an idol trainee in the past and she’s very close with Jin. However, Lee Guk Joo denied those rumors and Hong Suk Chun said that he had seen her boyfriend and he was nothing like Jin. So it’s an unconfirmed rumor that was denied by Lee Guk Joo.

3 – Bomi’s dance at the wedding hahaha I didn’t know whether to laugh or be amazed, she’s probably gonna leave me in stitches before this whole thing is over. :’)

4 – Choi Tae-joon & Apink’s Yoon Bomi Gosh.. If CTJ requested to get married with YB he realized his mistake at the wedding BUT if “they” paired him with her the poor guy mind is going to be “when is that s$it going to be over”
Son Na Eun or Oh Ha Young would have been better choices He’s a very CONSERVATIVE person leave your striptease to the bedroom … (fake or no fake WGM) shaking your a$$ at the wedding !!!??? He’s a super duper actor how he hid his EMBARRASSMENT

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