We got married S4 EP 349

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Reviews movie We got married S4 EP 349 Eng sub

1 – Bomi and Tae Joon, those photo’s were freaking fire! I love their chemistry. The photography director had jokes though, “We want to focus on AFTER the wedding ceremony” HAHAHAHAH

Sleepy and Guk Joo have a similar feeling to the “Ant” Couple from season one. Their first day was interesting, Guk Joo is feminine even though she’s a comedian. She often takes shots at herself before others can take shots at her. I think she was prickly mostly because she was nervous. I believe she genuinely likes Sleepy. If her feelings are little more invested than regular couples, she might be a bit more sensitive. I like how she did a rewind and pretended to happy about the beef and pork neck roses. She must’ve realized how sincere Sleepy was, and noticed his feelings were a little hurt from her original reaction. In the end I think Guk Joo wants to be treated the way that other girls are treated (With regular flowers, candy, teddy bears etc) The meat roses may have hit a sore spot in relation to her weight and love of food. Sleepy is freaking adorable though, I think he’s going to make an awesome husband. I think they’ll make a great couple.

2 – I agree with you and the fact that looks aren’t everything need to be more inculcate among people nowadays..

3 – Love Bo Mi and her husband. I hope he’s not too conservative. Bo Mi showed him at the wedding… she’s down so let’s get this marriage rolling. I’m looking forward to them so much.

4 – Gook joo and Sleepy gave me a good laugh! I am looking forward to a non-syrupy sweet wgm couple. Not to be misconstrued I love the 33 couple and the bomijoon couple however sleepy and gook joo might be the soju after filling up on samgyupsal.

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