Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo EP 2

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  1. Too cliched. A decent drama if you’re into corny leads, overacting, and extremely cheesy moments. Not a good drama for those into something with a more defined plot line. Like, really: a school weightlifting club whose coach will pay for ridiculous buffet meals each night? Not plausible.

    1. i think the dinner was more like a rare occasion than a daily ordinary thing. Cuz the teachers promised them a dinner after the practice.

      1. I think you’re overthinking it. It’s not actually that cliche, based on the episodes that have come out so far. It’s too early to tell in my opinion. Based on what we’ve seen, it fights normal cliches because both the male and female leads are at the same level. Usually women are weak in dramas and the men are all strong to cause a romance between the two, but this doesn’t have that. Also, if the dinner is the only thing you see as cliche, then that doesn’t make this whole drama a cliche. It’s just one aspect. It’s not even that cliche if you think in terms of the intention behind the dinner- the man just wants to treat his students. It’s not like they just won anything. Meals are a very important part of Korean culture and that’s probably why in every kdrama you watch, there’s usually the teacher treating the students. It’s more of a part of the culture than it is a cliche.

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Reviews movie Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo EP 2 Eng sub

1 – lol I’m the opposite. I can’t watch complete dramas because I end up binge watching them when I should be doing something productive

2 – It is not more interesting than legend of the blue sea to me, and to many people too. It has it’s own color and I respect that. Of the three dramas; legend of the blue sea, weightlifting fairy KBJ and My fair lady, this is the least interesting to me! It might have been the best if there were no such interesting dramas the same day as it.

3 – This drama is the tall glass of cold drink after a long hot day its refreshing,it just makes you feel good from start to end and all you want is more ah awesome

4 – This is one of the few korean dramas that don’t give you a chance to compare yourself to the Perfect actors. they’re imperfectly perfect in the Weightlifting fairy.

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